Wayfinder Kit

Reflect, Then Act.

A set of tools for navigating learning and change in uncertain times.


How are you? No, really—how are you? What is most real for you and your community right now, and how can you be part of making the change the world needs? What's your role? What's blocking you?

Change can happen when you first make time to pause—finding one's own sanctuary and stillness in the chaos—and assess where you are and where you want to go.

Designed by self-directed learning coaches, our kit strikes a balance between guided and unguided reflection using a journal and deck of cards, each loaded with prompts designed to help you zoom out and refocus again.

Then Act.

What is your plan? What are the most concrete, easy-to-get-started, first steps? What resources do you need? Who will be your accountability partners? How will you create structures to support your learning, and stay accountable to who or what it is in service of?

Sometimes all you need to move forward is a nudge in the right direction. The Wayfinder Kit was designed by and for people just like you—ready to make tangible progress on your goals.

The Wayfinder Kit's action-oriented exercises have been used by thousands of people, some on their own and some via educational organizations, and has been fine-tuned to effect change.

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Wayfinder Kit

$ 79.00

The Wayfinder Kit is a tool for personal reflection, change, and action. Each Kit includes:

Four sets of activity cards designed for each "season of learning," with fifty-two activities and prompts in total. Designed to go with you anywhere, with a special hemp drawstring, screen-printed bag.

A handmade, sewn-bound "journal" with a different guided reflection prompt and space to write or draw on every page.

The kit has been designed by experienced self-directed learning facilitators, and used by a variety of grassroots organizations, schools, learning pods, and individuals around the world.

The Wayfinder Kit is my #1 go-to resource when planning group sessions or retreats, or when needing a creative spark. In general, the kit is my favorite thing to lend to friends in transition.

– Brittany Koteles, Co-Director of Nuns & Nones

Kit for Facilitators

Facilitator Kit

$ 179.00

The facilitator kit adds the "Gather" deck exclusively for facilitators, teachers, and organizers, more than doubling your total library of exercises to draw on with more group-focused activities.

About Us

Hi - Sarah and Alan here!

We are experienced facilitators, coaches, and teachers, who have been co-creating self-directed learning communities & resources for years.

The Wayfinder Kit was created to meet the needs of our own work, and we love to support others in their journey.

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