Wayfinder Kit

The History of The Wayfinder Kit

Wayfinder Kit Pouch

The earlier, 2016 version of the Wayfinder Kit, produced at a makerspace in San Francisco, CA.

Built on a rich history of grassroots, popular education practices and thinkers from Septima Clark to Paolo Friere, Rudolph Steiner to Charles Eisenstein, the Wayfinder Kit is a resource for any self-directed learner or community.

First created in 2014, this is rich toolset for supporting you to create your own education outside of traditional constraints, knowing that learning doesn't just happen inside a school, or only at certain ages.

Each Kit contains 130+ tools, questions, and activities which can be remixed and reused for an array of settings. The activities and methods in the Wayfinder Kit are part of a well-tested and well-loved process, first created and used by the Open Master's community, and since used widely in alternative education programs, homeschooling and unschooling groups, trainings, and more.