Wayfinder Kit


Want to get your learning started right now? Download the Wayfinder Mandala activity guide, for yourself or a group.

The Mandala is a 90-minute, meditative, personal reflection activity to help you get started on your own learning journey by first getting a bird's eye view of your learning landscape. 

Mandala for getting started

Other Places to Learn and Skill Up

To tap into the rich world of learning and support for self-directed learners like you, also check out the great resources, trainings, and support offered by our friends at People's Hub, Art of Hosting, P2PU, the Ecoversities Alliance, and Agile Learning Centers

Other Books to Go Deeper


 Emergent Strategy Book Cover Pedagogy of the Oppressed Book Cover
The Art of Self Directed Learning Book Cover Deschooling Society
Walk Out Walk On Book Cover Community Book Cover

Looking for a School that "gets it?"

Check some of these respected, alternative programs to support you taking the road less traveled:

The Youth Initiative ProgramWayfinding Academy, the High Desert Center, Outer Coast College, Warriors Without WeaponsDeep Springs College, Gaia University, Knowmadsand many more.

Or start smaller with Yes! JamsRoad Trip Nation, or School of Lost Borders.

Good luck on your journey!