Wayfinder Kit

Facilitator Kit

$ 179.00

The Wayfinder Kit is a tool for personal reflection, change, and action. This "facilitator" version of our "personal" kit adds the "Gather" deck, with 52 additional group activities and prompts, designed to be used by any learning community organizer, teacher, facilitator, or parent. It can also be used by any member of the group to lead each other through common questions or struggles with clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

As with the "personal" kit, it includes a handmade, sewn-bound journal with guided reflection prompts on each page, and a collection of cards organized into four "seasons" that reflect every phase of learning in your life:

* Winter for supporting pause, reflection, and stepping back for clarity of purpose and direction.
* Spring for planning action, planting seeds, getting moving.
* Summer for putting plans into action, tending what you've planted, sustaining energy.
* Autumn for harvesting the fruits of your learning, turning your experiences into gifts to share with others.

This kit has been designed by experienced self-directed learning facilitators and used by a variety of grassroots organizations, schools, learning pods, and individuals around the world. It can be woven into curriculum, retreats, and other experiences, or put out into shared space for folks to pick up and work with on their own or with partners.

These are our most-loved activities from ten years of facilitating learning communities all around the world, and they are sure to bring delight and depth to your group.