Wayfinder Kit

Wayfinder Kit

$ 79.00

The Wayfinder Kit is a tool for personal reflection, change, and action. It includes a handmade, sewn-bound journal with guided reflection prompts on each page, and a collection of cards organized into four "seasons" that reflect every phase of learning in your life:

  • Winter for supporting pause, reflection, and stepping back for clarity of purpose and direction.
  • Spring for planning action, planting seeds, getting moving.
  • Summer for putting plans into action, tending what you've planted, sustaining energy.
  • Autumn for harvesting the fruits of your learning, turning your experiences into gifts to share with others.

The kit has been designed by experienced self-directed learning facilitators and used by a variety of grassroots organizations, schools, learning pods, and individuals around the world.

Full contents:

  • A handmade, sewn-bound "journal" with a different guided reflection prompt and space to write or draw on every page.
  • Four sets of activity cards designed for each "season of learning," for a total of fifty-two cards, each with a distinct activity and prompt.
  • A special hemp drawstring, screen-printed bag designed to go with you anywhere.

With a total of 92 activities and prompts between the cards and journal, this is a rich library of support that will always have something to offer you, whatever mode you find yourself in.